This are the homeless  and kickt out Cats we to look after every Day so at least someone shoes them a little Love and is looking them to stay healthy, gives them Medicine and Food regulary.  All is private paid for from us. Team KatzenOpa. 

Street Cats 01

Street Cats 02








Now we help the poor -often sick Animals allmost 11 years, and had to see much off them suffer and some had no Chance to survive. But each one we bring back to a new Owner, or keep it allive, thanks us our Engagement with manny thankfull Looks and this is our Payment to continue evry Day new and never give up, even we allways short off Money and sometimes verry sad, if we can not help all off them. But we try our Best.

Street Cats 03

 Street Cats 04








Here you see, how Food is prepaired and then we drive it to the secret Places, where we look after the shy allready waiting StreetCats. Secret, becose some bring brooken Glas, Nail and Poison Stuff and so on, to try to kill them just for Fun. Shame on such Persons, but there are arround our Places.

Street Cats 05    Street Cats 06








We pick up the Baby,s and bring them to our Pet-Doctor. if there healthy, we try to find Places where somone gives them a Home and Love and Affection.

Feel free to lock sometimes here, Thank You.