Often i will be asked " Do you belive in God - or to what religion i do belong " Here some answers to this. Nobody can be sure, if somethink like a creator exist. But if, he or what ever you may have on own impressions to this, would at least be pleased, if you follow some human rules. Allways be kind and take others serious. Love is the greatest gift on earth. Give evryone respect and never hurt annyone. Help where and if you able to and this with a open mind and allways try to stay at the good side off humanity. I dont belive in war for example. I need no brutality coming from so called leaders, kings or others trying to use given powers to grab freedom from free born peoples living all on the same planet earth. In my heart is allways a place free for you and i make my live like the belivings off the Universal Live Church                         "Do only that which is right".

Feel free to ask me what ever is on your mind. There is more to come here.